EPC Council

The executive council of the EPC will consist of the President, the President elect, the past President, the Secretary, the Treasurer and eight general councillors. The President will preside over the EPC for one year. The Secretary of the EPC or a Council member designated by the Secretary shall chair all meetings of the Council.


Responsibilities of the Council

The EPC is managed by the Council. The Council decides on all matters not specifically assigned to the General Assembly. The Council notably has the following responsibilities:
(A) Administration of the EPC business.
(B) Organisation of the annual EPC-meeting as detailed in Statutes of the EPC Article X.
(C) Delegation of responsibilities to sub-committees or working parties as appropriate.
(D) Approval of the accounts.
(E) Preparation and executing of rules and regulations for the management of the EPC.
For more information please see the Statutes of the EPC.




Peter Hegyi

Elected: 2012 (Oct 2012-Oct 2017)

First Department of Medicine
University of Szeged
Koranyi alley 8-10
H6720 Szeged
Phone: +3662545200
Fax: +3662545200


President For 2017


Gábor Varga                


Department of Oral Biology
Semmelweis University
Nagyvárad sqr. 4.
Budapest H-1089
Phone: +36 1 2104415




Past President



John Neoptolemos       



Molecular and Clinical Cancer Medicine
Institute of Translational Medicine
University of Liverpool
Crown Street
Liverpool L69 3BX
Phone: +44-151-706-4174




President Elect


Markus Lerch          


Department of Medicine A
University Medicine Greifswald
Friedrich-Loeffler-Straße 23A
17489 Greifswald






Rolf Graf

Elected: 2012 (Oct 2012-Oct 2017)

Department of Surgery
University Hospital Zurich
Rämistrasse 100
8091 Zürich
Phone: +41 44 255 2071
Fax: +41 44 255 4449


Council Members - Basic Science



David Criddle

Elected: 2016 (Oct 2016-Oct 2019)

Institute of Translational Medicine
Dept of Cellular & Molecular Physiology,
Crown Street,
University of Liverpool,
L69 3BX
United Kingdom
Phone: +441517945351



Jonas Rosendahl jonasrosendahl.png

Elected: 2014 (Oct 2014-Oct 2017)
Department for Internal Medicine,
Neurology and Dermatology,
Division of Gastroenterology and Rheumatology
University of Leipzig
Liebigstrasse 20
04103 Leipzig
Phone: +49 341 97 13223     
Fax: +49 341 97 12209




Viktória Venglovecz 

Elected: 2015 (Oct 2015-Oct 2018)


First Department of Medicine
University of Szeged
Koranyi alley 8-10
6720 Szeged
Phone:  +3662545200


Council Members - Clinical Science



Enrique de Madariade madaria.jpg
Elected: 2014 (Oct 2014-Oct 2017)


Pancretic Unit
Hospital General Universitario de Alicante
C/Pintor Baeza s/n
03010, Alicante
Phone: +0034 965933468
Fax: +0034 965933468




Gabriele Capurso

Elected: 2015 (Oct 2015-Oct 2018)


Digestive and Liver Disease Unit
Pancreatic Disorders Clinic
S. Andrea Hospital, University Sapienza
Via Salaria 408
00199 Rome
Phone: +39 06 33775691
Fax: +39 0633775526






Natalya B. Gubergrits

Elected: 2015 (Oct 2015-Oct 2018)


Department of Internal Medicine
Donetsk  National  Medical University
Pr. Grinkevicha, 8 - 3
83001 Donetsk
Phone: +380 62 3127971
Fax: +380 62 3127971




Marco Del ChiaroMarco Del Chiaro.jpg     
Elected: 2013 

Division of Surgery,
Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology
Karolinska Institutet
Phone: +46858580000
Fax: +46858586366




Former EPC Council Memers:


William Greenhalf          (General Councilor; Basic Science);          elected: 2011 (Oct 2011-Oct 2014)  


Heiko Witt                      (General Councilor; Clinical Science);        elected: 2011 (Oct 2011-Oct 2014)


Daniela Basso               (General Councilor; Basic Science);           elected: 2012 (Oct 2012-Oct 2015)


Ralf Segersvärd               (General Councilor; Basic Science);         elected: 2012 (Oct 2012-Oct 2015)


Julia V. Mayerle               (General Councilor; Basic Science);         elected: 2012 (Oct 2012-Oct 2015)


Alexei Tepikin                    (General Councilor; Basic Science);         elected: 2013 (Oct 2013-Oct 2016)