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The 13th of November has been officially announced as the 1st International Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Day.  It is an initiative driven by the existing patient organizations, with the main contribution from the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (USA), Pancreatic Cancer Canada, Pancreatic Cancer (UK) and Pancreatic Cancer Action (UK). The goal is to draw the awareness of the public, to promote early diagnosis without delay, allow for easy access to specialist care that is in favour of centralisation, and most importantly, to increase the investment and financial support for pancreatic cancer research and to highlight the significance of the access and participation of patients in clinical trials.


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Future Pancreas Releated Meetings:


9th International symposium on alcoholic liver and pancreatic diseases and cirrhosis (ISALPD/C) held in Szeged, Hungary 22-23 Nov, 2014.


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47th Annual Meeting of the EPC in Toledo; Spain:




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